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I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember but until now, my life has been more visual than verbal. It was while I was studying English and Philosophy in Manchester that I got into film and started experimenting with a super 8 camera. I came to London with ambitions to be a director, but soon realized that it is in the edit suite that films really come together. I have worked as an documentary editor for nearly ten years now, which is a kind of story telling that uses slices of reality instead of words.

The idea for An A-Z Of Possible Worlds came from a time when I had to commute to work. Every day, the crowd I travelled with seemed to have its own, distinct character. I began writing stories where the crowd was the main protagonist, imagining what it would be like to live in a place that was populated entirely by one particular type, ruled by a single instinct or passion. As the idea developed, each place seemed like a destination on a tour of the mind, since we all have similar instincts and emotions in various degrees to each other. After I had written about ten 'countries', I realized it could be an A-Z, which seemed to fit perfectly with the timetables and maps associated with a journey.
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