Jamie Brindle
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Jamie Brindle writes various shades of fantasy fiction, from comic fantasy to fantasy so dark it’s going on horror. He is currently writing about seventeen different books, because he is much better at starting stories than he is at finishing them.
Jamie has done a range of jobs in the past, including boomerang salesman, tractor driver, hedge maze attendant, and - most recently - doctor. He lives and works in the Midlands as a GP. (Though the maze he mentioned is in Shefford, Bedfordshire, and is still very much worth visiting).
If you are interested in his stories, you can get a free copy of his novella, “All Quiet In the Western Fold” by singing up to his newsletter (it is worth noting that you will still receive a complementary copy of this ebook even if you immediately unsubscribe; Jamie promises not to be too disappointed if you do this).
“All Quiet In The Western Fold” is a novella about a strange sickness which is robbing stories of their conflict, and about the Sheriff - Indigo Shuttlecock - who has to solve the mystery of this illness before it destroys the stories she is sworn to protect.
His website also features new short stories and flash fiction, and extracts from upcoming novels, as well as having a full listing of his books, and where you can get them.
His time is currently split between being a doctor, writing, and trying not to be killed by the insane demands of his two young children.
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