Tony Billinghurst
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Tony Billinghurst was born in post war England and grew up and worked with veterans of WW1 and WW2. The country was bankrupt and devastated by war; the empire dead but not fully buried. Although it was a time of change, there were still vestiges of elegance and long held values, most of which have now been discarded in the name of progress. Not all were bad, some have gone at our loss. A number of Tony's stories are set in this lost era. He lives in the West of England and has recently published in:

The London Journal of Fiction (anth.), Fiction on the Web, The Ham Free Press, Fiction Pool, CommuterLit Ca., Scarlet Leaf Review Ca, Fantasia Divinity (anth.) USA, Ariel Chart Aus, and has been accepted in Literally Stories for publication in mid April.

He can be contacted on: [email protected]
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Sadly Broke is never silent. As the moon steals behind the Bus Station, not all who populate the new town are asleep.
- Length: 5 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Humor
5 Stars