William Heath
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I am a lover of stories, and learned the value and importance of storytelling from my grandmother, who told me my earliest stories at a young age. I especially love speculative, horror and fantasy fiction and believe it can act as a prism for the real world, reflecting back our everyday concerns and issues. I have currently written a fantasy/horror novel, for which I am currently seeking representation, and my short story on East of the Web features one of the characters from the book. I am a graduate of English from the University of Winchester and am currently an out-of-work administrator. I believe that writing is a wonderful, life-affirming pursuit and has helped stave off the depression and emptiness that unemployment causes."
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Ah, the human race. If we aren’t tired of the tried and tested ways of hurting one another, we’ll invent some more just for the sheer hell of it.
- Length: 38 pages
- Age Rating: 15
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5 Stars