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This One Time
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Patrick Miller by Tina Cartwright (Funny, Other) -
My second week living in Mexico City our Mexican flat mate dragged his bunch of foreigners out for the night. Little did I know where we’d end up. Oh yes, the iconic, the unforgettable, Patrick Miller. Patrick Miller is famous among the young and old alike. It’s a massive dark warehouse surrounded by a second floor balcony that looks out over the huge dance floor. If colorful laser lights and 80s or 90s high-energy beats are your thing you’d love it.

What’s immediately surprising is the weird mix that is Patrick Miller. Here 19 year old ravers rub shoulders with wig or wing wearing, still shaking it, 50 year olds. Nothing matters at Patrick Miller. Everything goes. Well, not quite … the preferred dance style is a high energy arm flapping that occasionally sends the dancer off balance, never mind, and the best of the best, throw in a few Cossack style crouches and leaps, nice! But, at Patrick Miller there’s a protocol. The dance floor is arranged into big circles of spectators watching a pair of dancers dance-off in the centre, each circle is controlled by a ‘pro-dancer’ who shows them how it’s done every so often. My Danish flatmate, a beautiful, jolly, fun-loving girl, who dressed as a purple sugar plum fairy for the Day of the Dead, threw her head back and got into some serious dancing. Carried away by the crazy music and atmosphere she just danced off into the centre of the circle. This is not done. As two Mexicans in tight t-shirts escorted her out of the building they explained you need a ticket and to wait in line if you want to show off your skills in the centre of the circle … maybe next time.
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