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This One Time
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Dad blows his top by James (Other) -
My dad was usually a very respectful and quiet person around strangers. I remember one time that he lost his cool though.
We had stopped at a gas station, I went in to get a drink and my dad pumped the gas. He came in while I was checking out my soda and snacks, I was walking out when I heard my dad start yelling right at the woman behind the counter.
She was apologizing over and over but he kept yelling. I ask him what was going on but he told me to go to the car, I left while dad continued to yell.
I have never heard what the lady said but my dad married an Indian right from the reservation, so I am dark as a nut and don't look much like my good ole white dad. The lady said something racist about me to my dad, not realizing we were together and he lost it.
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