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This One Time
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Shot! by Emily Kuzma (Funny) -
Earlier this year, I was part of a production of Oliver! at my high school. Among the props we had backstage, some of the most notable were the starter pistols. Now, these weren't real pistols, but nevertheless, they did produce quite a bang and a brief flash when set off.

One particular after-school rehearsal day, a small group of ETC (my school's backstage club) and actors (including myself) were gallivanting backstage. All of a sudden, we all hear a large "POP!" coming from beside the prop table. After turning abruptly, we discovered that one of the actors had accidentally "shot" our 60-something-year-old director square in the center of the face, not even an inch away!

He was so mad! XD He told everybody to get out, and he couldn't forgive that actress for at least a week.

I've never seen him so mad!
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