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Die by Paulette messina (Funny) -
This was my 2nd day working in Israel on the Kibbutz as a student volunteer. I was wiping crumbs of food off the tables and I had the ideal opportunity to watch the other students learn to speak Hebrew while they worked in the kitchen and dining room. Simple task you say?

I watched a Russian immigrant student run faster and faster back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room. Whenever he got back he dumped another bucket of water on the floor. He looked scared and tired but he kept dumping more water.

Later on, about a day or so later when it was my turn to wash the floors I found out the truth.

The man in charge of the kicthen spoke Hebrew. In Hebrew the word pronounced 'Die' means enough! No more! That's all!! But in Russian, the word pronounced 'Die' means more, give, etc. So you see, the harder the man in charge who spoke Hebrew yelled at the Russian student 'Die' (enough), the student would think More! More! Of course you know what that meant! Remember: His job was to dump certain quantities of water on the floor and then mop it all up....
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