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This One Time
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Another way to extinguish birthday wishes by Albert T. (Funny) -
This one time, my friends and I were celebrating a friend's birthday and went to a chic restaurant uptown. Birthday boy decided to bring along his new girlfriend, who revealed herself to be extremely thickheaded by responding with "Whaat?" to everything anyone said and basically acting completely idiotic in all ways possible. Well, the restaurant had a couple of strangely shaped candles out and the girlfriend said, "Wow, I've never seen fire like this before." We looked at her and she continued, "This is really interesting." Suddenly before anyone could blink she reached up and touched the candle flame and began to scream. In her hysteria her blouse lit on fire as well. She had to be doused thoroughly with everyone's cups of water and afterward cried to be taken home. It was the worst birthday the guy had ever had. And actually, that guy was me. Thank goodness it's over.
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