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The Indian Sweet Trick by Varish Mulwad (Funny) -
Being in graduate school provides you an opportunity to interact with people from various cultures and countries. You often end up learning a lot of new things as well as it often leads to lot of humor! The event I am going to talk about took place in my research lab a few months ago. You may have heard of the Indian rope trick. My grad school lab mate coined a new one: “The Indian sweet trick”.

Definition: Indian sweet trick – Using sweets from India in tricking a person to forget things

Here’s the story behind it. My lab mate, let’s call him X, came into the lab to get some coffee and a printout. One of us who had just returned from India offered some Indian sweets to X. With sweets in sight X forgot everything and ended up talking about sweets! Fifteen minutes later, X walked out with a handful of sweets! Next day, X comes in with the same purpose and was offered some more sweets. X goes to coin “Don’t pull the ‘Indian sweet trick’ on me again”!

Just another a day in a grad school research lab! :D
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