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This One Time
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Jell-O by Jojo1 (Funny) -
Jell-O was definitely not a top food pick in my mother's Italian-American kitchen. Yet, one Thanksgiving, she got it into her head, to make a multilayer, rainbow "jello-mold." Ma was a character according to most, but none of the assorted aunts, uncles or cousins had a clue what caused this particular departure from the traditional. Wasn't the antipasto, home-made raviolis, eggplant Parmesan, salad, turkey, roast-beef, two kinds of potatoes, overflowing bowls of figs, pomegranates, tangerines, nuts, and the home-made assortment of dessert pastry, enough?

As I said, gelatin molds weren't Ma's forte, but she worked hard to mix each flavor, adding each at exactly the right time to set up the layers. With a triumphant glance around the room she enjoyed a moment of pride in the shimmering striations of fruity color in the clear glass bowl. Then. . .

Ma leaned over a chair to the table and with a flourish started to upend the bowl onto a plate. She missed. With a whooshing suck, the unfortunate jell-o slid off the plate, hit the edge of the table and oozed itself onto the seat of the chair. Just a moment of silent horror passed and Ma grabbed for it. It escaped her again and squished itself through her fingers and fell to the floor. Undaunted, she went for it again! The chase around the kitchen floor was on! By the time she was done small marbles of quivering color were splattered all over the linoleum. Of course, the rest of us, weak with hysterics, were of little help.
by Jo Romaniello
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