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The Sound of Rain by Jonathan Redinger (Other) -
One night, I lay awake in bed with my wife. The sound of rain outside brought a deep feeling of satisfaction.
“Were we supposed to get rain tonight?” she asked.
I felt a bit absent minded for not knowing the answer, and I sensed myself coming out of the trance that the soft rumble of the evening shower often put me in.
“I dunno.” I sighed. “Want me to put The Weather Channel on?”
“Nah.” My wife said as she rolled out of bed to peer through the bedroom window and into the night.
“Is it raining?” I asked.
“Hard to tell.” she replied. “I gotta clean the outside of this window.”
Frustrated, I too rolled out of bed to look outside. She was right. The outside of this window was dirty.
“I think I see rain.I mean, how could it not be?” I said.
I bobbed my head from side to side. Just then, I saw what appeared to be the glimmer of light drizzle.
“Yep!” I declared proudly. “It’s raining.”
“I don’t see any.”
I turned the on the TV. To my surprise, the Doppler radar revealed no rain.
“Maybe the Doppler is broke.” She suggested.
“But it usually says ‘no data’ when it’s broke.” I replied.
“Ah, who cares?” she concluded. She turned the volume up to listen to the latest weather while we climbed back into bed.
As the forecasts and discussion went on, I could still hear the rain. Yet the weather outlook said nothing about rain in our area.
“That’s it!” I blurted out as I threw the covers off my body and jumped out of bed.
I felt foolish just before opening the front door. If it was raining, I was going to get wet. I flung open the door anyway, and opening my eyes wide, I looked up…
I walked barefoot through the dry grass to the side of my house to see my neighbor’s shed getting doused by water that was gushing from a broken lawn sprinkler behind it. The stream of water was invisible from my bedroom window.
Inside, I found my wife sitting up in bed waiting eagerly for my explanation.
“You’re not gonna to believe this.” I snickered as I began to unravel the evening’s deep mystery.
“But you saw rain?!” my wife burst out quizzically.
Once more, I pressed my face against the bedroom window, cupping my hands around my eyes as I peered into the backyard. The glass was stained by the elements, the streaks of grit appeared as teeming rain in the glare of the street light. Moving my head from side to side gave the appearance of motion to the mirage created by the soil which peppered the screen. I felt the corner of my lips curl tightly as I smirked.
“Did I?”
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