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Scot's underwear by Alex Miller (Funny) -
When I was a little girl my family would spend our summers at our lake cabin in MN. Even though we already knew how to swim my 2 older brothers and I would take swimming lessons at pool in a nearby town. One day when I was no older than 6 years old we brought a neighbor boy that we all played with into town with us to spend the day shopping, going to a playground, and to take my oldest brother, Scot (he's 6 years older than me), to his swimming lesson. When we picked him up after his lesson he still had his swim trunks on and had put his street cloths in a paper bag. We headed back to the lake with the 4 of us kids all sitting in the back of my mom's station wagon so we could goof off without causing a car crash. On the way out of town my brother Paul, or friend Josh, and I managed to wrestle the paper bag from Scot. We rummaged through the bag until we found what we were looking for. Just as my mom pulled onto the main street Josh rolled down the window and Paul reached his arm out the window with the item from the bag dangling from his fingertips. Paul looked back at us with a mischievous grin as Scot began to yell.
"No, don't you dare. Paul, if you do it, I'll kill you!"
"Do what?"
Paul asked innocently. Josh and I began to chant.
"Do it, do it, do it!”
Fully expecting Paul to drop the item in the street. Paul quickly turned his attention back to the open window and his outstretched arm. Much to our surprise he did not drop the item; instead he stuck his head out the window and began to yell, waving the item in the air for all to see. For a moment Josh and I sat stunned, ignoring my oldest brother’s warnings we joined Paul at the window and mimicked his call. Seconds before Scot yanked us back into the car, an elderly lady with a camera snapped a picture. We were so sure the photo would be on the front page of the small town newspaper the next day that my mom drove us back into town just to buy a copy. Unfortunately, after searching every page we realized that the photo had not made it to the presses. Now, more than 10 years later the four of us still remember that day, and I can still here the sound of Scot pleading desperately as we waved his underwear out the window and yelled,
"Scot's underwear, Scot's underwear, Scot's underwear".
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