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Fast Walking by Ian Anderson (Funny) -
I was walking along the street yesterday and I noticed people kept overtaking me. This began to worry me. Am I a slow walker? Am I getting old? So I speeded up. As the next man passed me I matched his pace. He speeded up more to get ahead of me and I did likewise. We were now both practically jogging but still side by side. I was getting hot. He glanced across at me with a puzzled expression on his face. As we approached a side road the "walk" signal turned red. He slowed down but there was no way I was going to. I sprinted across just before the queueing cars started to move forward. As I reached the other side, I jumped up on to the kerb and pumped my fist glancing back at the man still on the other side. Man did I feel like I'd achieved something good!
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