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This One Time
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I Wish I Still Had That Picture by Matty M. (Funny, Romantic, Other) -
During the summer between the eleventh and twelfth grades, my friends and I had been enjoying the warm air and extended daylight hours. As the day progressed to night, our collective behavior became delightfully less responsible and much more spontaneous.
Fueled by alcohol unwittingly provided by our parents, our parade of debauchery made its way down to the shore of one of the many lakes in our city. Indulging in every foolish activity we could come up with, we all eventually found ourselves in the water.
In the state we were in, it seemed impossible to actually say "no" to any proposed idea. So when someone in our group suggested placing a picnic table in the water, it was met with a resounding "YES!"
While some music played quietly on a boombox we had brought with us, my friend Sam and I stood on the surface of the picnic table. With the table hidden beneath the water, it looked to everyone like we were dancing on the surface of the lake.
With city lights twinkling on the opposite shore of the lake, our friend James snapped a photo of our silhouettes mid-strive. He later sent every person that was at the lake that night a copy of the photo.
While I may have lost my copy and have since lost touch with those people; that photo remains in my memory, reminding me that it's great to live out a cliche moment every now and then.
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