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This One Time
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The Daredevil by Rob Richfield (Sad, Scary) -
Every year since 2005 me and some friends go to a couple of music festivals. One of these events is an alternative music festival in Belgium. The first time was great, everything about it; the weather, the music, the atmosphere. It was just great.

On the third or fourth day we decided to check out this water filled quarry that was located not far from the camping place. We took our swimming gear and two of us even brought along a rubber dinghy. We arrived at the quarry from the south; the north side of the water was not approachable on account of a huge cliff. Without much delay we joined the other people in and around the water.

Following the look of some people we saw this guy standing on the cliff and jumping in the water. Apparently he had been doing that for a while now. Jumping in the water, get up the cliff and jump in again, repeat process. One of our friends decided he wanted to join him and approached the guy, together they started to climb the slope. Meanwhile I and another guy started to swim to the middle of the lake, the two guys in the rubber boat not so far behind.

When we reached our destination we saw that our friend and the daredevil had reached the top and were preparing to jump off. Our friend was first, he hit the water and came up triumphantly, waving and cheering. Next was the daredevil, he hit the water but did not come up. Our friend who was with him started to yell something. Me and my friend who were in the middle could barely hear what he was yelling but we knew something was wrong. We swam a little closer and saw that our friend was trying to keep the daredevil above water, he was lifeless. Me and my friend started yelling at the coast. Ambulance! We yelled over and over again. The two guys in the rubber boat reached us and the helped the guy in the boat. We all started to swim toward the coast trying to pull the little boat as fast as we could.

By the time we reached land the ambulance had arrived, two paramedics took the man and put him on a gurney. They didn’t waste any time and they used the defibrillator, as we watched his body jump because of the electricity me and my friends knew it was too late. He was dead. As we walked back to the festival my sister, who was with us too, started crying. I didn’t cry, I felt numb and void of emotion. They closed the quarry after that.
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