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OK, well I'm not blond. I'm 61 years old, got three grown up children, five grandchildren ... that sounds boring, skip that ... Married for 41 years - we've been living in Hong Kong for five years and have just come home to South Africa ... I taught English there to delightful kids and I still stay in contact with them, thank goodness for email. I've had a story printed in a magazine, and I've had one book published called Nosipho and the King of the Bones, written for African school children aged 10-14 ... I wrote a Mills and Boon but couldn't get the sexy bits right and it was rejected. Now I'm quite pleased 'cos it would be really embarrassing to have that on my CV, even if the money is good. As bad as admitting you enjoy a Macdonalds hamburger!
I got the idea for the story from a newspaper article saying that diamonds were being smuggled out of Angola in many unique ways. One of the ways apparently is to make a chicken swallow uncut diamonds. So many refugees came across with all their wordly possessions that the border guards didn't have the heart to confiscate these chickens, which became Sunday lunch after their gizzards were slit and the stones removed and sold in South Africa. I thought, Shame, poor chickens!
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