Candace Amarante
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Candace Amarante began as a political scientist (she holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, NY), but left academia to become a children's book writer (How Little Pump became Big Jack, Tundra's Moon Bunnies and The Pheasant's Tale or ...was it its Tail?) and playwright (The Ugly Ones: a play on children's rights, co-written with Chelsea Woolley, and You, Me and Victor Hugo!). Born in Buffalo, NY, most of Candace's childhood was spent in Tokyo, Freetown, Nairobi and several places in the US. Currently, she resides and skis in Montreal, where she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Coalition on the Rights of Children.

The Blunder Family: Now where'd I put the pork? is one of Candace's favorite stories because it was inspired by a true event: she really did misplace the BBQ pork in the kitchen!
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She returns to the kitchen and stops in her tracks. “Now, where’d I put the pork?
- Length: 4 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Children
5 Stars