Dante Zúñiga-West
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Dante Zuñiga-West is an Afro-Latin novelist and short story writer. His work often touches on his experiences as a professional musician, bouncer, and muay thai kickboxing instructor.

He is the Music and Visual Arts Editor of Eugene Weekly alternative newspaper, and lead vocalist for the environmentalist hip hop group Resident Anti-Hero. His short stories have been published in Black Clock Literary Magazine, Dropout, Bang, and Out of Nothing.

He is currently seeking representation for the short story collection, Lovers and Fighters.
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They heard the sirens in the distance and they watched the flames gasping into the night and he thought that this must be what the end of the world was going to look like.
- Length: 4 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
3 Stars
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...being the bouncer is a lot like being the designated driver at a raging house party...
- Length: 10 pages
- Age Rating: 15
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars