David Rudd
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Dr David Rudd is an emeritus professor of literature who, after some 40 years, turned from academic prose to creative writing and found contentment. Recent stories have appeared in “Altered Reality”, “Aphelion”, “Bandit Fiction”, “Bewildering Stories”, “The Blotter”, “Corner Bar Magazine”, “Dribble Drabble Review”, The First Line”, “Horror Zine”, “Jerry Jazz Musician”, “Literally Stories”, and “Scribble”. He would like to thank Duncan and Erin Rudd for their excellent cover art.
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I’d been hiding behind a particularly impressive tomb. It was like a big chest freezer carved out of stone, with a figure lying on top. “Recumbent,” as Kate informed me.
- Length: 9 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Horror
5 Stars