Kajetan Kwiatkowski
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Ever since playing Sim Ant on Windows 98, Kajetan has had a lifelong obsession with arthropods. He's fine when a fly falls in his soup, and he's fine when a spider nestles in the side mirror of his car. In the future, he hopes humanity is willing to embrace such insectophilia, but until then, he'll write entomological fiction to satisfy his soul. His credits include publications in Deep Magic, Black Petals, Defenestration, Literary Yard and Teleport Magazine among many others. You can visit www.EclosionStories.com and follow him @Kajetkwiat
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Emerging as an adult dragonfly was more painful than Ollo had anticipated. His new tail whipped out like a bamboo shoot, its nerve endings raw and overstimulated.
- Length: 40 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars