Pauline Gostling
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Pauline Gostling has now retired after working at a busy doctor’s practice for many years. Since, she has had a non-fiction article published in America, has several fiction stories awaiting publication and has become a successful playwright, having a Murder Mystery play performed at Hylands House in Essex (
In between her husband and Daisy, “our mad Jack Russell” she now spends her time enjoying the countryside, and writing short stories, currently studying with The Writers’ College, UK.
“Books have always been a great pleasure to me. Walking home from school one day, reading as usual, I walked into a tree. Even this did not deter me!”
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People told tales of long, long ago, when they used to enjoy Halloween, dressing up, knocking on doors showing off their fine costumes, playing something called Trick or Treat and, it used to be fun, but not anymore.
- Length: 7 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Children
5 Stars