Vidal Martinez
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I have always been fascinated with horror fiction and fantasy tales. I do my best to keep each short fiction within 2,000 words and each story is designed to be read in one sitting – from start to finish. I try to limit as many words as possible and I love dialogue between characters. Most of my stories are about death, the supernatural, ghosts, revenge, murder, and retribution. I write when I feel a sense of discomfort and the need to create something.

In February 2017, I published my first novel Walking in the Shadows of Death and the Supernatural. In 2020 I published my second book The Art of Being Useful. I am currently working on my third book: The Incessant – Horror Fiction and Fantasy Tales.

I have a BA and MA from New Mexico Highlands University and EdD from New Mexico State University. I live with my family in Las Vegas, New Mexico which is located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
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As I gaze at the living room clock, I reach for the bottle on the coffee table. I take a drink, staring at the Roman numerals, listening for the ticking sound, but then I hear something outside.
- Length: 7 pages
- Age Rating: 15
- Genre: Horror
5 Stars