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This One Time
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This One Time I Was Found Before I Was Lost by Kevin J (Romantic) -
Recently divorced I lost in the daunting process some of my self-confidence; my job and all hope for the future. Without motivation I drifted along with an emptiness inside that seemed to drown any passion that dared to surface.

Soon I met some-one and as her love gradually nursed my wounds and made me whole again I began to hear the music of life. With a renewed passion I began to look for work - anything that could secure the happiness I found and because my mind was freed from negativity I soon found a suitable position.

One late afternoon I arrived at the tiny flat we shared and told her I had to deliver furniture in Richardsbay the following day.
"Will you be back before it gets dark? Last night I heard gunshots and a car's siren go off. Please promise you will not leave me by myself. I'm really scared!"
I knew it was going to be tight; at least twelve hours without any setbacks. I had no option but to promise her I would be back before the sun set.

The following morning I took to the road. Every couple of kilometers I glanced at the clock on the dashboard trying to determine if I was still on schedule. I did not want to break my promise; did not want to see the fear and disappointment in her eyes. With ten Kilometers to go I realized I had made a serious blunder. In my haste I had forgotten to take the map book and without it I had a very slim chance of finding the customer's address in a city I'd never foot in before.

Panic gripped my insides. Having to stop and ask for directions was going to cost valuable time - time I could not afford. Even then I had no assurance I would follow the directions correctly.
Then something strange happened. The feeling of panic dissolved but that was not the last of the strangeness that took place that day.

As I took the off-ramp driving toward the residential areas, I dialed the customer's cell-phone number.
"Hi Barry I have no idea where you are? Can you meet me somewhere?"
"Tell me something. Are you driving a white Nissan with a long-wheelbase trailer?"
His question caught me by surprise.
"Yes...yes I am. How do you know that?"
"Take a look in your rear-view mirror. I just pulled out of my factories yard and I'm right behind you!"

Barry overtook me and I followed him all the way to his house. I offloaded and returned to Johannesburg. The daylight was just beginning to fade as I walked tired and hungry into the flat.
"Thank you"
My new love said to me as she handed me a plate of warm food.
"For what?"
I asked.
"For keeping your promise"
Later that night as she lay safe in my arms I told her that our love had dispatched a guardian angel to add a small miracle.
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