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The Path by Tale of Tales
Age Rating: 15
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This is a free demo of a commercial game. The demo allows you to explore part of the game world and gives a good idea of the stunning visuals and music.

You play a girl on her way to grandma's house with instructions to stay on the path. From there you can move around freely (and, it soon becomes obvious, staying on the path may not be the most interesting choice). Even in the full game, there isn't really a narrative as such, its more about exploring and lightly interacting with things you come across.

Atmosphere is the key here. The beautifully rendered 3d graphics are mixed with hand drawn overlays and text and they work together with the unusual music to create a true fairy tale-like mood - and not your modern, sanitized fairy tale either - a proper fairy tale with menace and a bit of gore alongside the fantasy.

Unfortunately the demo doesn't have any of the 'special' places in the forest, and so doesn't quite do justice to the detail in the full game (and even in the full game, the forest can seem a little empty). However, it's worth taking a look around.

Quick tip: Hold down the shift key while moving to go faster.
Tue, 22 Jun 2010, 01:04

it sounds interesting man......good job..

and hey to the person who said " it won't let u play?
it might not let u play the game cause u prob be at SCHOOL and it might of said "blocked site"! idk but just giving a solution kk
Wed, 26 May 2010, 14:09
it wont let me play
Fri, 02 Oct 2009, 18:44
what do you like about it....
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