A. M. Entracte
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Ann has always been one of those adults who is told they should write children’s stories for a living. Whilst this is usually a polite way of telling someone to daydream less, Ann took it to heart and let her imagination run rampant. Ann lives in London and takes inspiration from myths, her own international experience and colourful dreams.

Ann is currently working on a YA novel about Ariana, a young woman looking for her mother and quickly finding herself in the middle of a conflict between magic wielders with godlike powers and human rebellion forces who will stop at nothing to regain their freedom. Can Ariana navigate her way through a centuries old conflict, find her mother and overcome her own personal battle with anxiety?

For a place born of magic and desire, Earth was a beautiful but relatively unremarkable, if not dull, world. It was created by a man who may have lacked imagination, but instead possessed a strong sense of harmony and a love for colour. He shaped this planet by painting it with a broad brush of magic, humming the sound of ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, spinning life between the continents. He left his brothers and sisters to build the extravagant and the extraordinary elsewhere, content to work at the edge of all creation.

But Ariana didn’t know that yet.
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For the first time, Becca truly realised that grown-ups couldn’t see magic. Magic that nevertheless was very real, very powerful, and very frightening.
- Length: 10 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Children
5 Stars