Bill Kitcher
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Bill's stories, plays, and comedy sketches (and one poem!) have been published, produced, and/or broadcast in Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Czechia, England, Guernsey, Holland, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, and the U.S. His stories have appeared in Fiery Scribe Review, Ariel Chart, New Contrast, The Prague Review, Mystery Tribune, Shotgun Honey, Guilty, Rock And A Hard Place, Yellow Mama, Slippage Lit, and many other journals. His novel, "Farewell And Goodbye, My Maltese Sleep", will be published in 2023 by Close To The Bone Publishing.
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That wasn’t the third thing I did that made me look suspicious. It was the suitcase.
- Length: 5 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Crime
5 Stars