David A. Middleton
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David A. Middleton is a writer of charming tales and amusing poetry. His primary interests lie in what it means to be human and the bathos of life. His writing revels in regional accents and dialects, along with more archaic and diminishing forms of language.

Two of David A. Middleton’s poems can be viewed on YouTube via the links below.

House of Misery Presents
In 2016 David co-founded House of Misery Presents Comedy Theatre Company (HMP) and remains the company’s executive scriptwriter. The group’s mission was to bring theatre to those not usually exposed to it. The Comedy Sketch Quiz utilised the traditional pub quiz as a vehicle to address that mission. The group then made the move to YouTube, where they have produced several short series for the channel, ranging from poetry, music videos and comedy series exploring Northern identity and satirising classic TV genres. HMP now attempts to put a ‘pair of readers’ up to, the often unfathomable, modern world.
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Lancastrian Nights, a true story, tells the wonderous tale of a chance meeting and highlights the magic of life.
- Length: 3 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars
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Inspired by a prompt from seasoned writer Ashley R. Lister, The Book follows the fortunes of John a keen bibliophile, but general failure at everything else. Over several days John finds his life intertwined with one very special piece of literature.
- Length: 15 pages
- Age Rating: 15
- Genre:
5 Stars