Elaine Hopper
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Stories and storytelling have always enchanted Elaine Hopper. She started writing short stories when she learned to write. An incurable daydreamer, storytelling is a natural extension of her propensity to dream of new worlds in which romance and fantasy rule.
Elaine lives in Paradise - sunny South Florida - with her husband Dave. They have five beautiful children and one gorgeous new grandson.
Elaine draws a lot of her story ideas from her life experience. She served in the Air Force on the Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf Coast working on computers where she lived through several hurricanes, and her children can honestly say their mama wore combat boots. Later she worked in SAC (Strategic Air Command) Headquarters three floors underground, where she not-so-affectionately traversed the "mole-hole" to get to work daily and held staff meetings in the morgue. After hours she recuperated on the beach or poolside.
Upon separating from the Air Force, Elaine's father claims she started the "career student" phase of her life. She earned her Associates of Arts degree, Business Administration of Accounting degree and then her Masters of Business Administration degree. She worked for a few years in accounting and proposal development before switching to business administration for a charity. But deep inside, the daydreamer longed to get out. Her creative side would not be denied.
Thus, she began writing romance novels in her spare time, since she didn't have the luxury to quit her day job. She'd devoured them since she was twelve and fell in love with the idea of being in love.
Elaine has eleven romance novels published or soon to be published. She also has a lot of short stories published and writes book reviews, movie reviews, and conducts author interviews for SharpWriter.com, KnowBetter.com, and Pen is Mightier.
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Sick of the seemingly endless supply of cheating city professionals, Courtney and Stephanie head off to Texas to catch themselves a couple of cowboys.
- Length: 7 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Romance
4 Stars