Geoff Brown
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Geoff Brown writes in Oxfordshire surrounded by orchids, pianos, butterflies and dead kings. The latter inspired his first book, The Ends of Kings (2008, Amberley Publishing) a history which involved taking his kids all over the UK and Europe to photograph tombs, battlefields and palaces. He writes short stories and longer works of a literary or science fiction bent, or both if he can get away with it. He has two cats and a wife to keep him company, now that the kids have escaped.
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As if there weren’t enough problems on his plate, Mondriel had to go and stumble upon the biggest secret ever, didn’t he? The kind of secret that would turn the natural order of things on its head if it was leaked to a wider public.
- Length: 9 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
4 Stars