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Guido Eekhaut writes novels and short stories, crime, literary and speculative fiction and his particular brand of fantasy. He’s also a futurist and journalist, has published over forty books and a hundred stories in half a dozen languages (mostly in Dutch but also in English, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Chinese). Several of his books and stories won awards, among them the Brussels Literary Award for his debut novel De Cirkeljaren (1986) and the Hercule Poirot Award for crime fiction for Absint (2009). You’ll find him on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. His website has a full list of his published books. His site with news about the evolving world of technology, politics and economy (not to mention other random things) can be found at:
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Suddenly red ink flows from my pen. Startled, I assume it is blood, but then realize it is the color of the moon...
- Length: 4 pages
- Age Rating: 15
- Genre: Sci-Fi
3 Stars