Jenn Jenkinson
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Jenn Jenkinson is a Canadian author living in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies where she is active in her community and in many volunteer pursuits. She started writing in her teens with the encouragement of her Drama and English teachers and she’s never stopped. Over the years she put her writing skills to use writing reviews and previews for musical performances, writing for newsletters on a multitude of topics.

Jenn has two published novels which can be found on Amazon sites worldwide. “Angel Beneath The Maple” and “Simple Pleasures” follow the story of a domestic abuse victim and her journey to safety, freedom and a new life. Both stories have ties to two of the author’s favourite pursuits: the world of music, musicians & performance and the sport of sailing live-aboard yachts.

Now retired, Jenn finds her life busier than ever, taking up new hobbies and crafts as well as continuing to express herself through words.
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The cozy brick bungalow stood on a short lane of similarly modest houses with a small, mostly overgrown park at the far end and an intersection leading to Darlington High Street.
- Length: 4 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars