Kelly Piner
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Kelly Piner is a practicing Clinical Psychologist who in her free time, tends to feral cats and searches for Bigfoot in nearby forests. Ms. Piner's short story "The Old Man and the Cats" was just selected for publication by Storgy Magazine. Her story "Exodus" was just accepted by the Winter Wonders Anthology. Also recently accepted for publication was her short story "Starscape" by Aesthetic: A Dark Academia Anthology. Her short story "Ghost Town" was recently accepted for the Horror at the Beach Anthology. "Dearly Devoted" recently appeared in the Dark Hearts Anthology by Ghost Orchard Press. Her short story "Lazy River" was accepted for publication in Weirdbook's upcoming zombie issue. "Halloween Pie" recently won the Halloween contest sponsored by Spookbrain, and her dark Christmas story "O Christmas Tree" was just selected for the Dark Lane Christmas Anthology. Her short story "Baggage Claim" was published on Page 47 at Drunken Pen Writing featured her short story "Halloween Retreat" in its October 2019 issue. She also has short stories published in The Literary Hatchet and Dark Dossier. She just completed her first novel, FAT SANDS.
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He crouched down on both knees to look under the vehicle. When he said, “Oh God!” it wasn’t in his adult voice, but in a child’s voice, like the time he had accidentally run over his little brother’s leg with his dirt bike.
- Length: 11 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars