Meg Pelliccio
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Meg lives in the beautiful countryside of Devon, where she is lucky enough to be close to both the stunning moorland and the picturesque seaside. By day, Meg works as a Content Editor, writing and editing copy, and by night she feeds her other obsessions of reading, gaming and creative writing.

Heavily encouraged by her parents into fantasy fiction from a young age, Meg grew up on the likes of the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Roald Dahl.

Meg has written two novels in her spare time that she is eventually hoping to publish, as well as many short stories. She studied English Literature at The University of St Mark and St John where she graduated with upper second class honours. She was delighted to receive a first for her dissertation, ‘The Evolution of the Vampire Myth’, which explored the way our perception of vampires has changed over the years due to its portrayal in literature and film.
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Most people would see that shoe and assume a drunken partygoer had forgotten it somehow, or that perhaps even a car had driven past and it had possibly fallen from the window unknowingly. But Jenny knew better.
- Length: 5 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Horror
5 Stars