Rhoss Jeremiah
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Rhoss is a 24-year-old Writer and Actor. He is from Wattsville, Caerphilly. Rhoss couldn't have written this piece without the various lockdowns we have been challenged with. Rhoss works a customer service position at TinCan Kitchen.

Rhoss Llewellyn Jeremiah, Actor, Writer, Tincan Kitchen Worker. Drama and Creative Writing student.

I’d like my writing to make people think retrospectively. What I want, is what all writers and creatives want. Through some small chance of throwing our creations into the wind, it gets carried across the world and changes the mindset of the people who stumbled upon it. I find that at the root of my writing is morality. It may not always be clear cut. My stories aren’t always ‘this is how you should act in your life.’ But, ‘this is how you shouldn’t act.’ Very recently however, for a ‘life writing’ assessment I have loved researching my great-grandfather’s life during the Second World War. I have plans after an information request to produce the research into a novel. However, thank you so much to take the time to read my lockdown literature. Soon, we will re-emerge.
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A flash bursts from behind me, projecting shadows onto the pavement. We turn and all share the same vision. An orange mushroom cloud billows on the horizon, but it continues to rise into the sky.
- Length: 12 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars