Ronita Sinha
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Ronita Sinha is a traveller, recipe experimenter and gardener, tilling her soul for words, images and then she cannot help it. She writes.

She holds an M. Phil degree in English Literature from Calcutta, India. She started her career training elementary school teachers, switching to teaching High School English in Dubai and eventually settling for underwriting and auditing for an insurance company in Canada.
Her work has been published in The Magic Diary, The Academy of the Heart and Mind, The Literary Yard and Women's Era. In August 2020 she was awarded "Storyteller of the Month" by The Magic Diary.
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Sitting on the plane to Chicago, Mila wondered when exactly the idea had taken hold of her. Did the idea have an infancy or a childhood, or did it ground itself in the soil of her imagination like a full-grown poison tree?
- Length: 11 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars