Christopher  Donaldson
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‘I’m a recreational writer living France. I’ve previously enjoyed some small success with my collection of shorts ’Not a girl’. This compilation was fortunate to win an international book prize in 2017. I taught skydiving for 26 years and was commissioned to write a textbook on the sport which also was relatively successful.

My fiction generally involves the fantastical in some form, whether it be sci fi, horror, or what’s now called ‘Magical realism’. My firm belief is that a strong, well defined protagonist can propel a tale forward and invite involvement from the reader, whether or not they invoke sympathy or dislike. They can guide us through the narrative and hold our hand as events unfold.'
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Once there was a man named Frederick Alarcy who lived and died. He left a widow and two strong sons, and they lived through their grief on the slopes of Broken Pine Tor
- Length: 5 pages
- Age Rating: 15
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars
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You won't find me on any map either. I, too, have been buried, not by Tarmac and sand, but by time and indifference.
- Length: 9 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Sci-Fi
5 Stars