Bobby Wise
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Bobby Wise is an aspiring writer from Essex, United Kingdom.

Bobby enjoys reading the work of authors such as George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Kazuo Ishiguro and Brandon Sanderson.

In 2017, Bobby and two friends founded a clothing label which went on to feature a pop-up collection in British Department Store, House of Fraser. The label has since transitioned into a graphic novel series, with Issue 1 expected to drop towards the end of the year. For updates on the series, please follow both @skydwellerstudios and @lourmarinlondon on Instagram.
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Was this the reason his store had seen such a sudden decline in sales? And if so, what was so special about this new wave of bobbleheads?
- Length: 9 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Horror
5 Stars
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When a friend asks Ethan to test out his new navigation app for a journey across the country, Ethan happily obliges. However, as with most new apps, it's not uncommon to run into a few bugs along the way.
- Length: 13 pages
- Age Rating: PG
- Genre: Fiction
5 Stars