Martina Bexte
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Martina grew up on a farm in windy southern Alberta Canada. At a young age, she was already a voracious bookworm and daydreamer. It seemed a natural transition to write down some of the ideas swirling around in her head. At first, this required lots of patience since she barely passed typing class in high school. Eventually, though, and eager to remove White Out from her shopping list, she learned to use a computer.

She took numerous writing classes and received her first short story acceptance from The Horror Show in 1984. Other publications that accepted stories were Modern Short Stories, 2AM Publications, and Espionage Magazine. She’s written many non-fiction articles for various websites, as well as book reviews, author interviews and book related articles for

Now that she’s retired and has more time to devote to writing, she’s dusted off her old projects, hoping some of them will find an audience again.
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She scowled, hoping it wasn’t Cynthia. Ever since Maggie’s divorce, her well-meaning friend encouraged her to embrace spontaneity, go out on the town at a moment’s notice and for once, have some fun.
- Length: 8 pages
- Age Rating: U
- Genre: Romance
5 Stars