How do I adjust the text size for reading on screen?

Most browsers allow you to adjust the size of the text. This function will usually be found under a 'View', 'Page' or 'Tools' menu, depending on your browser type, and will be called something like 'Zoom'. It is important to find the text size which you find most comfortable for reading.

What are 'pages' when reading online?

The short stories are broken up into roughly equal 'pages' which makes reading easier and also gives some idea of the story's length.

The 'page' numbers - < 1 > - that break up the text double up as buttons. Clicking on the number in the center scrolls that section to the top of the screen - reducing the need for manual scrolling. Clicking on the < moves the previous 'page' to the top of the screen; clicking on > moves the next 'page' to the top of the screen.

How do I print the short stories?

Before printing you can click on the 'printable version' link to the left of the story title. This will format the story so that it is easier to read when printed out. Depending on your browser and OS settings you may also like to adjust the size of the text (see 'How do I adjust the text size for reading on screen?').

To print, simply make sure the short story's window is the top one, go to your 'File' menu and select 'print...' then follow the usual dialogues. For speedier printing, make sure that, if you are given the option, you print the image in 'Black & White' rather than 'Greyscale'. Note that the number of printed pages does not correspond to the number of 'pages' (see 'Reading the Short Stories On-Screen') which will usually be greater.

What do the age ratings stand for?

The following age ratings are used as a guide to the content of stories on the site:

U - Suitable for children of all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance. May contain some elements that parents may not want young children to read.
15 - Contains some strong language, violence or mild sexual content.
18 - Suitable only for adults.

How do I contact an author?

To contact an author, click on that author's name. This will bring up the author's page. On this page there will be a 'contact author' link on the top right. Click on this link to go to the contact form.

Fill in your email address and your message, then click the 'send message' button. Make sure you fill in your email address correctly or the author will not be able to respond to you.

How do I get a definition or an audio pronunciation of a word?

Double clicking on any word in a story will bring up a dictionary definition along with an audio pronunciation of the word.

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